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How Ball House Seasoning Was Born

So, here is the story behind Ball House Seasoning.

It was a dark and stormy night… Just kidding.

We have always been big fans of spicing up our cooking by adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that. After doing that about a hundred times we had the epiphany of mixing up our own blend of flavor goodness into one shaker.

Ball House Seasoning was born. It is the perfect blend of ten herbs and spices and Sea Salt.

That was over a decade ago.

This ain’t just salt with some spice breath on it either, Ball House Seasoning is only 1/3 part salt – the rest is all the flavor enhancing goodness of our herbs and spices.

Previously it was only available at our house.

Seriously, you had to be over for dinner or having me on the grill doing the barbecue. And, yes – it is the best prep you can do for ANYTHING you are grilling!

We have had so much positive response over the years we are now making Ball House Seasoning available to order online.


Now Available Here Exclusively For Online Orders

This is the only place we are making this available! Stop by the order page and pick up a jar today! We will ship it to you the next day postage paid!

Jack & Karinna Ball